Simple Tooth Extractions in Dublin, CA

Simple Tooth Extractions in Dublin, CA

Are you suffering from extreme sensitivity in your teeth? Do you often experience pain and swelling because of advanced periodontal disease? If yes, we will recommend a simple tooth extraction. This procedure lets us remove your affected teeth safely without performing any major surgery.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

There are certain events where a simple tooth extraction can help you get rid of pain and inflammation and also prepare you for an upcoming restorative procedure.

  • Simple tooth extraction is required when advanced periodontal disease has loosened the roots of your teeth.
  • We may perform this procedure to remove extra or baby teeth impeding your adult teeth.
  • You may need this procedure to prepare for orthodontic treatment like braces.
  • We also perform a simple tooth extraction in cases like removal of fractured or malformed teeth, tooth decay, etc.

What is the Procedure?

We will begin with taking the X-rays of your teeth to check their shape, size, and location. You will be given a local anesthetic to feel more relaxed throughout the procedure. With the help of a tool called an elevator, we will lift your teeth and loosen their ligaments and gum tissues. Now, we will take a pair of forceps and then rock your teeth back and forth so that it breaks from the ligaments.

If your teeth are too stubborn to come out, we may section them into smaller pieces and remove them. Once your teeth are removed, we will put gauze into the sockets and ask you to bite it so that enough pressure is applied to stop the bleeding. If required, we may place sutures to close the sockets.

What Happens After the Procedure?

You may go through a little pain and discomfort after the procedure. We will prescribe you pain-relieving medication to get rid of such pain. In some cases, the extraction may lead to swelling. Use an ice pack on your face to deal with the swelling.

Do not carry out any strenuous activity such as working out or engaging in sports for the first few days. Always take care with what you eat and avoid consuming too hot liquids. Eat more soft foods like mashed potatoes, rice, porridge, etc., for two days after the procedure. You can use an antiseptic mouthwash after having a word with us. If you still experience pain, swelling, or bleeding after a week of the procedure, visit us.

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