Early Orthodontic Treatment in Dublin, CA

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Dublin, CA

Timing is everything when it concerns treating your child's orthodontia. Early orthodontic treatment is performed when the baby teeth are still present in the mouth. It aims to prevent improper growth and the misalignment of permanent teeth. 

Every child doesn't require early orthodontic treatment. However, there are instances where it is essential to ensure that permanent teeth are coming through correctly. It may begin from as young as seven years of age. Waiting until all permanent teeth are in can make the treatment of certain problems more challenging. 

When to Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment is a good option if the orthodontist spots issues in the child's jaw or teeth alignment after permanent teeth emerge. The sorts of issues orthodontists can recommend treating while a child has a few baby teeth include:

  • Bite complications (Underbites or Crossbites)
  • Narrow jaw
  • Protruding or Crowded teeth
  • Too much space between teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Finger or thumb sucking affecting the jaw/teeth growth.

The early orthodontic treatment could be a variety of types. The orthodontist may recommend an appliance that is either removable or fixed - a device designed for moving teeth to alter the jaw's position or to hold teeth in place to make the desired modifications. 

Sometimes, no appliances are required. The removal of baby teeth could allow permanent teeth to erupt more efficiently. It helps reduce the requirement for treatments like clear aligners or metal braces in later years.

Why Does Early Orthodontics Make Sense?

For children who have significant orthodontic problems, the early treatment of orthodontics can bring many benefits, such as:

  • Early identification of critical problems in the development of mouth and jaw.
  • Improves confidence in children knowing that straight teeth are on the way.
  • Correcting the alignment of the teeth and jaw helps improve speech difficulties. 
  • Preventive dentistry ensures a child's good oral health and hygiene.
  • Straight teeth and an aligned jaw helps in the easy chewing of food. Breaking food down helps proper digestion, which aids in the child's overall development.
  • With the help of braces, the child's jaw will be shifted to its optimal place and would help in preventing teeth grinding.
  • Braces guide the adult teeth into a more favorable position, and the child will be able to benefit from good oral hygiene and a beautiful smile for life!

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