Fixed Dental Bridges in Dublin, CA

Fixed Dental Bridges in Dublin, CA

Fixed dental bridges are a sought-after restorative option for your missing teeth. As the name suggests, bridges work by closing the gaps between your teeth. It is a false tooth (pontic) held in place with the help of abutment teeth on either side of the gap. Bridges are made using several materials, but nowadays, porcelain happens to be a common choice. This material blends aesthetically with your natural teeth and enhances your smile. 

Why Opt for Fixed Bridges? 

  • Bridges help you restore your smile as well as your ability to chew. They help readjust your bite to distribute the force when you chew food. 
  • You can use this restorative procedure to maintain the shape of your face, otherwise affected because of missing teeth. 
  • This treatment option prevents remaining teeth from dislocating from their correct position. 
  • Dental bridges are an upgrade to the removable partial dentures, the maintenance of which often becomes difficult for everyone. Bridges, on the other hand, are easy to take care of. 
  • The procedure is affordable and promising. 

What is the Procedure? 

The application of dental bridges is less invasive and straightforward. We will use a numbing agent to numb your mouth so that you feel more relaxed as we begin with the procedure. We will file down your teeth surrounding the gap until they resemble little nubs. Now, we will place the crowns that act as a support for the artificial teeth (bridges). 

The final step includes placing the artificial teeth in the gap. We make them using dental-grade porcelain or ceramic materials to look, feel, and function like the rest of your teeth. 

What is the After-Care? 

You do not have to make extra efforts to care for your dental bridges. You will be given instructions on how to brush your teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush for at least three minutes using fluoride toothpaste. We also suggest you floss at least once a day to keep the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and bacteria away. Regular brushing and flossing will also help you keep gum diseases away. 

Apart from maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine, keep scheduling a regular visit at our clinic. We will check for any dental problem that you may be suffering from and also perform professional teeth cleaning. We will also give you instructions for preventive dental care, using which you can always keep your oral health in check. 

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