Empress® Restorations in Dublin, CA

Empress® Restorations in Dublin, CA

A few years ago, the choices of materials for dental restorations were limited only to gold, silver, amalgam alloy, and other metals. Although metal restorations solved the problem of filling chipped and cracked teeth, they barely made one’s smile aesthetically appealing. But with the advancement in technology, it has become possible to enhance your smile too. Thanks to the introduction of IPS empress restoration, now you can enjoy both – dental restoration for better functionality and improved smile. 

What are Empress Restorations? 

Empress restorations were firstly introduced in 1991 by Ivoclar Vivadent, in the form of dental crowns. They were designed to prevent metal shadows and the dark look of dental crowns. IPS empress is a homogenous, leucite-based substance, scattering light naturally and providing a balanced chameleon effect. 

Today, many dental clinics use IPS empress press-ceramic and IPS Empress CAD machines to create dental veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays for their patients. All these restoration options are prepared with due diligence, thus offering durability and accurate fitting. 

Why Opt for Empress Restorations? 

This technology is continually improving and refining restorations to make sure that the results look natural and restore the full functionality of your teeth. Traditional ceramic restorations turned out to be expensive and brittle. But Empress has introduced a heat-pressed glass-ceramic which is strong, durable, and aesthetically appealing. 

According to some studies, these restorations can survive the first three years without any damage. It means that you wouldn’t have to visit our clinic repeatedly for the procedure. 

What are the Benefits of Empress Restorations? 

  • Empress restorations are biocompatible and do not affect the remaining dentition of your mouth. 
  • They are very easy to apply. The procedure doesn’t include any pain. Besides this, any procedure involving Empress restorations is quick and hassle-free. 
  • They are metal-free and come with excellent polishing properties. 
  • The natural look that these restorations provide cannot be offered by any other procedure. The shades match the rest of your teeth to perfection. 

What are the Different Options of Empress Restorations? 

  • Empress Veneers 

They are thin, wafer-like covers made using this technology, fitting over your natural teeth. We use them to cover your cracked, chipped, and badly-stained teeth. 

  • Empress Crowns 

We place them after root canal treatment or post removal of tooth decay. Empress crowns last longer than crowns made using any other materials. 

  • Empress Inlays/Onlays 

We use them to replace traditional amalgam fillings. They are healthy and durable and often stay under disguise. 

  • Empress Bridges 

They are a natural-looking method to replace your missing teeth and are impossible to spot. Bridges restore the symmetry of your smile. 

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