Dentures & Partial Dentures in Dublin, CA

Dentures & Partial Dentures in Dublin, CA

Dentures are the most popular treatment option for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They are removable dental appliances made to match your natural teeth. Dentures enhance your smile and aesthetic appearance and also aid functionality in terms of chewing your food and speaking. 

Types of Dentures

Dentures are classified into two types – complete and partial. The former is used when all your teeth go missing. On the other hand, partial dentures are used when some of the teeth in your jaw remain. This type of denture not only fills the spaces of missing teeth but also prevents your natural teeth from shifting. 

A complete denture is either conventional or immediate. A conventional complete denture is made after removing all your teeth and letting your gums heal. It takes us 4-6 weeks to complete this procedure. An immediate complete denture is a better alternative as it is immediately placed after removing your teeth. Consequently, you don’t have to live without teeth during the healing process. 

Why Opt for Dentures? 

  • Dentures are a restorative treatment option for all or a few missing teeth. 
  • They enhance your smile and facial tissues. 
  • If taken care of properly, your dentures last long. 
  • It is one of the most cost-effective restorative treatment procedures. 

How are Dentures Made? 

You need to visit us several times to complete the procedure. We take highly accurate impressions of your mouth to create custom dentures for a proper fit. We may also call you for try-in appointments to check whether the denture fits properly in terms of shape, size, and color. We place the partial dentures in your mouth with the help of metal clasps. You can unclip and remove your dentures any time you want. Complete dentures are fitted on both your upper and lower jaw. If required, we will make further adjustments.

How to Care for Dentures?

  • To maintain your dentures for long, you need to care for them properly. Remove and rinse them immediately after eating. Run water over them to remove loose particles and food debris. Do not damage the material or clasps while cleaning your dentures. 
  • Always clean your mouth after removing the dentures. 
  • Brush your dentures just like your natural teeth once a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush. You can also use a denture cleaner to perform this step. 
  • Soak your dentures overnight in water so that they do not become hard or change their shape. 
  • Visit us regularly to check the fit of your dentures. 

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