Bone Grafting in Dublin, CA

Bone Grafting in Dublin, CA

We perform dental bone grafting to increase the density of the bone in a part of your jaw where the bone is lost. This procedure is also performed to give the required support to your jaw for teeth restorations.

During bone grafting surgery, we take bone from elsewhere in your body and then fuse it to the existing bone of your jaw. In some cases, we may take synthetic bone material to perform the surgery. 

Why Do I Need Bone Grafting? 

Bone grafting may be required in the case of dental implants where you do not have enough bone density to support the implant and artificial teeth. In this situation, grafting provides a strong base for the treatment and ensures that implants are firmly placed. 

Dental bone grafting is required in case of tooth loss or gum disease. Bone loss starts affecting nearby gum tissues and teeth. In this situation, stabilizing your jaw with grafting becomes more than necessary. 

Losing bone can affect your facial appearance. We may recommend bone grafting to restructure your face and help you maintain your appearance. 

How is Bone Grafting Performed? 

  • Local anesthesia will be administered before the procedure to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. 
  • We will start with monitoring your vital signs and then cleaning the affected area. 
  • A small incision will be made in the gum to separate it from the bone. It is the same site where we will place the bone graft. 
  • The bone material will be placed in such a way that it gets fused with your existing bone so that both the natural bone and graft material grow together. 
  • We will secure the graft using a membrane, adhesive material, or studs. 
  • The incision will be sewn, and the site will be allowed to heal. 

What Includes in the Recovery and After-Care?

After the surgery, we will pack the incision site with gauze and ask you to change the dressing every 24 hours. We may also prescribe antibiotics to keep infections at bay. You will be given some pain-relieving medication to manage the pain.

You can apply ice packs to reduce pain and swelling for the next two days after surgery. Do not eat spicy, sticky, or hard foods. Consume softer and bland foods for two to three days after the surgery. Avoid drinking hot liquids and sleep a little elevated. Limit your physical activities like working out or sports for a few days after the procedure.

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