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Dr. Charles T. Giang, D.M.D
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There's no better feeling than seeing the happy, healthy smile of a loved one. Persimmon Dental Care is an affordable family dentistry in Dublin, California, that is committed to making this possible for the people of our community. We take a long-term approach to patient care and work with you to coordinate treatments that meet your priorities, budget, and oral health needs. Our dentists pride themselves on delivering customized services that center on each individual person. No matter what your smile has been through, we're with you each step of the way. Our dental surgery office may be new, but our team is not. Call our experienced staff today to schedule your new patient appointment or for emergency dental care, dental implant, root canal, wisdom teeth extraction, Invisalign, denture, and cosmetic dentistry.  

From the moment you reach out to us, we’ll do everything we can to set you up with the family dentistry services you need. Whether it’s preventative upkeep to maintain the smile you love or emergency treatment to restore function and relieve pain, we have you covered. In our warm, welcoming environment, your oral health and comfort are all that matter. Experience the difference that the right care team can make by trusting our attentive experts.

Patient Commitment

Our team’s goal is simple: to give every patient a smile that makes them proud. From your home mirror to presentations at the office, you deserve to show off the personality and confidence that makes you unique. It does not matter if you are a stranger to the dentist’s office or a life-long advocate for oral well-being. We will always treat you with respect, listen to your needs and goals, and deliver the highest standard of care in our industry.

All you have to do is let us know how we can help. Employing the dental field’s most innovative techniques, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a smile that you will love for life. Whether you need help outside our usual business hours or a comprehensive pediatric orthodontic consultation for your child, you can always count on us to maintain the highest professional standard for dental support.

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About Us

Persimmon Dental Care has a mission to bring smiles to people's faces. Our dentists Dr. Charles Giang and Dr. Trien Lam are passionate about offering the finest family dentistry services around. If you’re looking for personalized dental treatment with committed dentists who provide a safe, comfortable experience, look towards our Persimmon Dental Care. Our patients value our welcoming and friendly nature when it comes to making them feel at ease, addressing concerns, and providing the care they need. Although we are covered by the same insurance companies as our competitors, we set ourselves apart with our high-quality and unparalleled work. Our family dentistry truly cares about the well-being of the people that walk through our doors. We provide a source for superior dental surgery and oral care at an affordable price. For more information about our array of dental services, or if you would like to schedule your next appointment with us, contact our dental practice today.

Some of our Services include: 
• Tooth Fillings
• Dental Crowns
• Root Canals
• Dentures
• Children's Dentistry
• Emergency Services


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