Preventive Dentistry and Gum Disease Therapy in Dublin, CA

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Persimmon Dental Care takes proactive, preventive dentistry very seriously. We believe that through education, we can help you bypass many common concerns that often go overlooked. As such, it can help you reduce the extent of restorative treatments that you need in the future.

Comprehensive Dental Exams and Imaging

Hygienist working on a patient providing prevent dentistry at Persimmon Dental Care in Dublin, CARoutine exams with our dentist allow us to understand your unique dental needs and how they relate to your personal smile goals. Everyone is different, and as such, we believe that you play a vital role in co-planning and co-diagnosing your treatment needs. During your exam, we use high resolution digital x-rays and intraoral photography to share our findings with you. You see exactly the same things that we do, allowing you to take a proactive role in your oral health.

Dental Checkups for Children

We generally recommend scheduling a dental checkup and cleaning for your child by the time he or she reaches three years of age. If your little one is comfortable sitting in your lap for an exam, or popping into the chair for us to look at their teeth, they are more than welcome to see us for their appointments. They will likely be a huge fan of the television mounted on the ceiling above our dental chair! With families of our own, we understand how important it is to accommodate multiple appointments on the same day.

Prophylactic Cleanings

Preventive cleanings make it easier for you to maintain optimal oral health throughout the years. For people with healthy smiles, a cleaning is usually recommended every six months. Our primary goal is to educate you on existing conditions, so that you can manage, reverse, or treat them before it leads to tooth loss.

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Patient getting a deep cleaning and a screening for gum disease as part of preventive dentistry in Dublin CA.Sometimes a preventive cleaning isn’t enough and deep cleaning teeth is necessary. If gum disease is already active, we will schedule a series of deep cleanings to thoroughly cleanse areas below your gums, along the root surfaces. This way we can gain control over the periodontal infection and start the path to recovery.

In certain cases, we may also recommend locally applied antibiotics (such as Arestin) or a prescription strength rinse.

Pocket Reduction

If you have a gingival pocket (the area between the tooth and gums, where the gingiva is not attached) that is too deep to be cleaned, we can reposition it so that it is not as deep. The surgically repositioned, shallower pocket is easier to cleanse.

Tissue Grafting

Severe gum recession can leave a tooth feeling sensitive, more prone to decay, and susceptible to premature loss due to gum disease. A gingival graft helps to cover the tooth and reestablish attachment loss, stabilizing it after you have recovered from gum disease. Our sister office in Hayward has a board-certified Periodontist on staff. As such, if your gum disease requires expert care, we can coordinate your treatments for you.

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