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Patient smiles before the oral surgeon at Persimmon Dental Care put him under for treatment.Are you looking for an affordable oral surgeon in Dublin? Persimmon Dental Care provides several in-house dental surgeries as well as coordinates appointments for advanced services with nearby specialists.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are often proactively removed due to problems related to:

  • Pressure on adjacent teeth, causing damage to them
  • Difficulty keeping them clean
  • Partial eruption, placing them at an increased risk of disease
  • Pain, swelling, or chronic discomfort
  • Crowding of the other teeth, due to lack of space

Depending on the location and development of you or your teen’s wisdom teeth, we can offer surgical extractions at our office or with a local specialist. Our Dublin team will facilitate the entire scheduling process for you, so that it is as efficient as possible.

Socket and Ridge Preservation

If you have a tooth that is being extracted, it can cause the remaining bone to resorb (shrink away) in that area. For people who hope to eventually get dental implants, bone loss can interfere with whether they are candidates for the procedure. It can also interfere with the stability of neighboring teeth or the fit of your denture.

To help preserve the tooth socket or ridge where implants will be placed, we can add bone grafts at the time of your extraction or in conjunction with other types of treatment. The new bone graft fuses with the bone in that area by stimulating your jaw to form new osseous tissues.

Tissue Grafting

Exposed tooth roots is a common side effect of advanced gum disease. It can leave you looking “long in the tooth” and susceptible to cavities or sensitivity. A tissue graft repositions new gingiva (from your own body or a donor source) to cover the exposed tooth and create a new level of attachment. It serves an aesthetic benefit, but primarily protects the integrity of the affected tooth.

Extractions of Teeth with Periodontal Disease

Advanced gum disease can cause teeth to become mobile. The active infection not only involves the tooth that is loose, but jeopardizes the health of your surrounding smile. In certain situations, it is best to remove these teeth, so as to create a healthy environment for the rest of the mouth.

Sedation to Keep You Comfortable

Patient sleeps from oral sedation before an oral surgeon works on his wisdom teeth for extraction. Persimmon Dental Care’s mission is to provide treatment that is unique to the individual needs of each person. Sometimes this means going above and beyond the “routine” to ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Ask our Dublin sedation dentist how we can help. Even if it’s just a touch of laughing gas as you lay back to watch a movie on our ceiling-mounted television, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

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