Invisalign and Braces in Dublin, CA

Choosing to straighten your teeth with braces is an individual decision. For some people, the problems associated with crowded teeth can increase their risk of decay and gum disease. For others, misaligned teeth cause embarrassment and loss of self-confidence.

At Persimmon Dental Care, we make it convenient and affordable for your family to get braces in Dublin. Your orthodontic treatment plan is customized to your preferences and ultimate smile goals… not what we think they should be. Let us know what you want to address, and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on.

Clear, Removable Invisalign Braces

InvisalignHand holding top part of Invisalign braces offered by Persimmon Dental Care. is an excellent option for individuals who want to straighten their teeth without metal brackets or wires. Many of our patients are young adults or middle-aged professionals. Often, their treatment is due to a relapse in previous orthodontic therapy. However, we also see many older adults and seniors who never got the chance to straighten their teeth, or just want to touch up the front of their smile. Invisalign helps them achieve the teeth they’ve always wanted to enjoy.

As a certified Invisalign provider, Persimmon Dental Care allows our patients to enjoy an orthodontic system that is:

  • Custom fitted to their unique teeth
  • Removable and easy to care for
  • Flexible regarding diet preferences
  • Clear or “invisible” to the people around you

Traditional “Straight Wire” Braces

Conventional braces are often used in conjunction with our cosmetic cases (smile makeovers.) We use them to address your specific needs — whether they are comprehensive or short-term — to establish a smile that you can feel comfortable in. Sometimes it is strictly aesthetic in nature, while other times it requires full-mouth tooth alignment for a healthier bite.

Braces for Children

When caught early enough, orthodontic concerns in children can be minimized. For instance, premature tooth loss can be addressed with a space maintainer, so that it doesn’t lead to severe crowding or impacted teeth later on. Our Dublin dentist recommends an orthodontic evaluation on all children by age 7. If early interceptive care is necessary, we can assist you in scheduling a visit with a local specialist.

Choosing the Best Braces for Your Smile

Two young girls smiling and pointing at their braces.No one type of braces or clear orthodontic system is best for everyone. When you visit our Dublin dentist for an orthodontic consultation, we want to know what your main concern is. From there, we’ll talk about other smile goals that you have.

After truly getting to connect with you on a personal level, we’ll review how the different orthodontic systems can address your needs, giving you all of the information necessary to make an educated choice about which braces are best for you.

Orthodontic Financing

Paying for your braces is easy. In addition to taking major insurance benefits, we also offer an in-house orthodontic payment plan. Put 50% down on your braces and make equal payments for the next 10-12 months. Or, finance your entire treatment with CareCredit.

Call Persimmon Dental Care today to schedule your no-pressure orthodontic consultation.

At Persimmon Dental Care in Dublin, our dentist helps you overcome the aesthetic challenges of imperfect teeth, so that you can live the confident life you deserve. We accomplish this through tailored cosmetic dentistry services.

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