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Looking for a Dublin dentist who genuinely cares about your preferences and concerns? Persimmon Dental Care, with an comprehensive menu of family dentistry services, focuses on the person behind the smile… not just your teeth.

Depending on what you need, we will present you with a variety of restorative options, including:

Composite Tooth Fillings

Family of four all go to the same dental office for family dentistry services and children's dentistry.Our Dublin dentist chooses to use tooth colored composite fillings, rather than amalgam. These restorations fill in areas of a tooth that have been destroyed by tooth decay. Unfortunately, cavities are often asymptomatic, so it is best to treat them when they are first diagnosed with the aid of an exam and x-ray.

Ceramic Dental Crown

For the best aesthetics, a full porcelain crown offers pleasing results. Your crown encases the entire surface of a tooth, up to the gumlines. We use them to preserve as much tooth structure as possible. They can also be placed on top of dental implants.

Dental Bridge

To replace one or two missing teeth, a bridge can be anchored over healthy teeth on either side of the open area, thus “bridging” its way across the space. Bridges are also routinely used with dental implants, to replace multiple teeth at one time.


These “three-quarter crowns” are a unique restoration that we don’t use as often as fillings or crowns, yet hold a special purpose for people with specific types of tooth damage.

Root Canals

Your comfort always comes first, especially for procedures that you may feel a bit concerned about… like root canals. Each of our endodontic treatments are conducted in a gentle, patient manner.


Removable traditional dentures (sometimes referred to as “plates”) are an economical solution for full mouth tooth replacement. Partial denture options are also available to snap in place around healthy teeth that can be retained.

Dental Implants

Implants are a long-lasting tooth replacement that can support anything from individual crowns to removable or fixed dentures. They offer stability to neighboring teeth and a minimally-invasive design that mimics the appearance of a “real” tooth.

Children’s Dentistry

It’s vital to keep a child’s teeth healthy, as they can decay at an alarmingly rapid rate. As such, we try to intervene sooner, when problems are “easier” to correct. Some of the different pediatric dental treatments that our Dublin dentist provides include fillings, cleanings, exams, pulpotomies and crowns.

Depending on your child’s maturity, it may be easier and more affordable for your family to bring your children to our office, as opposed to finding a separate Dublin pediatric dentist across town.

Pediatric Orthodontic Consultations

We work closely with orthodontists in our area to provide treatments or interceptive orthodontics for children that need such measures. In most cases, a child should have an orthodontic consultation by age 7. This allows us to perform space management and growth modification as appropriate, before the adult teeth come in.

Diagnostic Imaging to Plan Your Treatment

Dentist going over digital x-rays as part of our children's dentistry services.Persimmon Dental Care has invested in high resolution imaging and digital radiography equipment, lowering your exposure to radiation and enhancing your access to information. You see the same things that we do, allowing you to take a co-diagnosis approach to your dental care.

It is our desire that you understand what all your family dentistry options are when it comes to keeping your smile healthy. Find out what options are available to enhance your smile and dental health.

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