Tailored Dental Services in Dublin, CA

Your dental appointment shouldn’t be about what someone else thinks you need. Rather, it should be tailored to your unique dental concerns and personal goals. At Persimmon Dental Care, our Dublin dentist works alongside of you to create a care plan of dental services that’s as unique as you are.

We do this through providing services like:

General Family and Children’s Dentistry

Woman smiling in dentist chair because of all the dental services available to her at Persimmon Dental Care.From minimally invasive teeth fillings to full ceramic dental crowns, our Dublin dentist offers comprehensive restorative treatments for every age… including young children. We love families and strive to accommodate their busy schedules.

Preventive Dentistry and Periodontal Therapies

We work with you to help prevent complex dental needs before they arise. This includes effective preventive therapies and counseling, so that you can keep your teeth healthier, for longer. If something such as gum disease is involved, we provide treatment solutions that can make the difference in saving your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile can change your outlook on life. Everything from your self-confidence to your personality is impacted. We offer solutions that can brighten your teeth and enhance your appearance. Explore treatments like porcelain dental veneers, ZOOM teeth whitening, and more.

Invisalign and Braces

Straighter teeth are generally healthier and easier to care for. Even if you wore braces in the past and have experienced relapse, we offer comprehensive or short-term orthodontic solutions to address your concerns. Our Dublin Dentist is a certified Invisalign provider.

Dental Implant Solutions

Dental implants can give you durable new “teeth” that last for decades to come. We’ve had patients well into their late 60s enjoy what it feels like to have a natural smile all over again. Ask about our single tooth implant crowns, dental bridges, and even implant retained dentures!

Oral Surgery

Need a wisdom tooth removed? Perhaps you require a more proactive treatment like ridge and socket preservation? Ask our Dublin dentist about having your oral surgery performed in our office, or coordinated with a local specialist.

Endodontics ( Root Canals )

If your tooth is causing you pain and discomfort, let us know. A root canal can prevent the tooth from having to be extracted.

Emergency Dentist

Do you need an emergency dentist? New and existing patients are encouraged to contact us right away if experiencing any type of pain. Same-day appointments are available. Contact Persimmon Dental Care today to schedule a visit with our dentist in Dublin.

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